Facetools / Facegrep

Facetools is a frontend wrapping library for a few of the methods implemented in dlib to make it easier to use in application development.

Facegrep is a tool based on facetools framework (like grep but for face photos), that allows you to search for similar faces.

[GitHub link]

LaTeX build system for presentation slides and notes

Rather than maintaining two documents (slides, notes), this template, and build system,  allows you to produce them both from one source document. It leverages the power of Beamer and \LaTeX to concurrently produce notes, and slides. A Makefile is included for easy command line building.

[Download] or [GitHub link]

Simple 1-wire automation controller for linux

A python tool that allows you to set triggers and actions for 1-wire sensor states (like thermometers and PIOs). Can evaluate disjunctive normal form formulas.

[GitHub link]